Brother ADS-2800W

Brother ADS-2800W

The Brother ADS-2800W network scanner comes complete with a stockpile of features including a user-friendly colour LCD touch screen and wireless connectivity. This is ideal for quickly scanning to Cloud services and emails, freeing up the user to focus on other core business tasks.

Compatible across a range of document types, drivers and operating systems, the ADS-2800 is capable of scanning up to 3,000 sheets per day, making it ideal for continued office departmental scanning and digitisation of paper documents. This desktop scanner can be easily programmed and fit the needs of your business, and boasts compatibility with multiple drivers and operating systems.

Key features:

  • Fast double sided scans (30 pages per minute/60 images per minute)
  • Gigabit Ethernet wired network, Hi-Speed USB 2.0 and Wifi connectivity
  • 50 sheet mixed batch document capacity from long paper to embossed plastic cards
  • Lockable 9.3cm colour LCD touchscreen
  • Loaded with advanced image processing features plus TWAIN, ISIS, WIA, ICA and SANE drivers for optimum performance
  • Free premium software essentials bundle including ABBYY FineReader Sprint, ABBYY PDF Transformer + and Nuance PaperPort


Offering true Network features with no need to install software at multiple locations, the ADS-2800W scans documents for immediate accessibility across teams, departments and remote offices. Documents can be sent instantly to a Network location, email destination, Document Management software, File, Image, SharePoint, USB or OCR software.

The ADS-2800W has both wired and wireless connectivity for work station flexibility. Wireless features allow the ADS-2800W to be located in various areas across the office, situated wherever is convenient. Our secure wireless Network capability offers peace of mind for IT department, and business adaptability for users.

The ADS-2800W supports TWAIN and ISIS drivers for software integration and image processing functionality. Image processing functions prepare and clean scanned documents, improving the visibility of the scanned image and making it ready for storing, editing, sharing and OCR (Optical Character Recognition) requirements. Business critical documents are easy to read and reference when archiving for disaster recovery.

With Hi-Speed USB 2.0 connectivity, speedy colour scanning at up 60 impressions per minute (30 pages per minute) and a 50 sheet ADF (Automatic Document Feeder), the ADS-2800W is the ideal scanning solution for small to medium offices.

Network Scanners:

Offering true network capability, there is no need to install software at multiple location points. Brother Network scanners allow documents to be scanned directly from the machine to multiple devices. With one simple press of a button or Touchscreen, scans can be quickly and easily shared across teams and departments; improving workflow efficiency and increasing productivity.

Colour Touchscreen:

Using the colour touchscreen, scanned documents can be sent instantly to pre-selected destinations for quick and simple scanning, saving time and staff training. Routine scan jobs can be pre-configured more quickly and with fewer steps, improving workflow efficiency and reducing time spend on repetitive tasks.

Direct scanning to favourite locations such as a departmental folders, email recipients or OCR software means routine tasks can be performed quickly and simply. This reduces the need for staff training and speeds up everyday workflow.

Brother Solutions Interface (BSI):

BSI is a software interface that enables third-party developers to build custom solutions for, or to integrate with, Brother devices. Customised menus and screens can be created to provide new capabilities and allow ease of use- helping you improve your operations as well as reducing costs, wastage and risk.

Secure Function Lock (SFL):

SFL is a security function which can disable or enable configuration settings and allow user restrictions to be put in place. IT also has a public mode which allows functions to be left without restriction. SFL allows administrators to restrict scanner settings per user, allowing for function management and improve security.

Scan to USB Host:

The scan to USB Host feature allows the connection of an external storage flash drive up to 64 GB.

Professional Paper Handling:

Powerful, professional scanners, but still desktop friendly. Brother scanners can handle a range of document type and weights, using a sider output tray are also angled to encounter less paper resistance so paper can glide more easily and stack smoothly to reduce paper folds. These small but precise engineering qualities are what make Brother a dedicated specialist in the scanner field.

Multifeed Detection:

The system uses sonic waves to identify potential misfeeds. The paper pathway is automatically suspended and the user is alerted if an irregular signal is detached, reducing the risk of damaged documents and lost data.

Advanced Reverse roller System:

This advanced system manages incoming bulk paper jobs so only one sheet is processed at a time, for outstanding reliability when scanning multiple types of media.

Advanced Image Processing Features:

The built-in range of powerful scanning tools intuitively prepare and clean scanned files, improving the quality of the scanned image for storing, editing sharing and OCR (Optical Character Recognition) needs. This results in less ink wastage when documents are printed, reduces file sizes for sharing and generates clearly legible articles when reading. This means less time spend on manual preparation, review and correction of documents and more time spent focusing on the core of your business.


Scanning speed:30 pages per min
Max. paper size:A4
Colour mode:Colour, Greyscale, Black and White
Scanning side:Duplex (double side)
Feeder capacity:50 sheets
ADF:Yes (A4)
Connection:USB, Wireless
Compatibility:Smartphone (Android, IOS) Mac OS, Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP


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