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Greenform is a web-based capture solution which digitalises paper-based business processes. The solution offers digital web forms that not only deliver all the features of desktop version but brings the product to the web and mobile environments.


  • Capture device integrationthe Greenform web application can capture content from several external and internal devices
  • CloudGreenform’s cloud deployment is a multi-tenant application that can be white labelled and hosted in Microsoft Azure or the customer’s preferred on-premise or cloud provider
  • ID Verificationthe system verifies your RSA ID Number and automatically populates the form
  • Form – a digital form is a computer version of a paper form. Besides eliminating the cost of printing, storing, and distributing pre-printing forms, digital forms can be filled out faster as they can automatically format, calculate, look up, and validate information for the user
  • Data outputcompleted forms and transaction are stored in the Greenform datastore or customer’s data store in a variety of formats included PDF, Tiff, png, Jpeg, html, csv, etc. interactive dashboard included
  • One Time Pin (OTP)an OTP authentication enables Greenform to accurately record and prove that an individual was present at the time of completing a transaction
  • Store and forward technologyGreenform allows you to work offline and synchronize the transaction later

Greenform is a software solution which eliminates paper in any customer enrolment process of an individual. It is a product which reduces the amount of paper a business generates, it also eliminates the need to store certain documents in costly offsite storage facilities. Greenform eliminates the generation of paper files creating an electronic record. Can be tailored to your business requirements and when used in conjunction with Greenbox, individual’s identities can be verified.

Cross Platform:

Greenform cross-platform forms. Android, IOS, and windows. Modern responsive forms (HTML5, javascript, Bootstrap)


  • Financial servicesthe Greenform solution verifies customer enrolment and provides electronic forms capture that can be customised to suit the specific requirements of individual customers
  • Healthcare The Greenform solution provides a secure, speedy biometrically controlled patient enrolment process, patient verification and the elimination f duplication of chronic medication
  • Retail – Greenform ensures a speedy secure signup process and customer verification so eliminating fraud
  • Internal processes Greenform streamlines HR business processes and provides a cost-effective solution to enrol employees biometrically, verifies their qualifications and existence, provides audit reports and eliminate ghost employees from the payroll
  • Logistics – Greenform eliminates inaccurate data entry from manual capture and gives real time updates regarding deliveries
  • Telecommunications the Greenform solution offers a secure electronic SIM card enrolment process, customer verification, and the elimination of SIM card fraud
  • Education Greenform electronically verifies the student identification number against the Home Affairs database and provides significant time-saving in the student enrolment process
  • Mining Greenform provides a speedy biometrically controlled mine worker enrolment process, biometric mine worker verification, and the elimination of fraudulent pension claims
  • Security – The solution improves the overall efficiency of the customer on boarding process enabling paperless transactions


  • Enables paperless transactions
  • Verifies an individual’s identity
  • Small desktop footprint (160mm x 350mm)
  • Reduces your carbon footprint dramatically
  • Reduces stationary and printing costs
  • Electronic records available in real-time
  • Transaction time reduced dramatically
  • USB powered
  • Eliminates the management, transport and storage of paper files
  • No photography required
  • Replaces a paper file with a digital record
  • ECT, FICA, RICA, NCA, CPA compatible

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