Why become paperless today!

Why become paperless today!

Safe and secure:

Storing in the Cloud has benefits. There is no longer any need to create backups, the old days of creating backups are long gone. With the Cloud every change is saved instantly without the user having to do anything. Each change saved can be a different version. There is no need for edits and all of your data is safe in the Cloud. Life in a paper-filed world was different as a single fire could wipe out all the documents the business had, including copies. Now, with the Cloud, should your building burn down, none of your data would be lost. Whilst moving to the Cloud is much more convenient, the danger is data security. With the General Data Protection Regulation. Any company that fails to secure its data and maintain compliance with the law can be fined up to £20 million or 4% of turnover whichever is greater.

Reduce wasted hours:

57% of office workers spend an hour a day looking for missing documents. With 20% having to recreate documents they couldn’t find. Going paperless means tasks which traditionally took days now only take minutes. Tasks could be largely automated using Cloud technology saving time for both the accountant and its client. Shows how marginal gain can have a vast impact on productivity, time savings add up. Meaning accountants can focus on added true value. By going paperless companies are given more time to add value to the business.

Limitless storage:

Document Management Systems free you from having standard filing, making no copies. Document Management systems make storage and retrieval simple which means there is only a need for one master document. Changes to that document will be reflected everywhere without redoing any copies. With paper storage, it is easy for documents to go missing or for someone to file it in the wrong place. Now with document management systems, users can only digitally check out a document, but the original copy remains in document management systems where documents cannot be lost. Remote working can also be improved by going paperless. Sales people can go out on the road, as they can digitise documents in real time. This ensures there is no chance that documents can go missing before the sales person returns to base.

Careful access:

Financial threat should be enough to convince companies that they need to lock down all data. Moving to be a paperless world helps to do that. With paper documents filed away in a room it can be hard to restrict access on a per-document basis. Once an employee gets into your filing system, they can look at practically any document they want, which is a huge threat to privacy. With a document management system and Cloud storage your business has per-document controls that should be implemented. Every business should review who has access to what and ensure they’re not oversharing. Employees should only be able to access the data they require to do their job. Different levels of access. You may want to prevent users from being able to delete documents, instead they may be able to remove them from their view. System administrator can restore or look at some employees may only need read-only access to information, but shouldn’t be allowed to copy or print the data.

Add value:

Digital office ultimately transforms the workplace productivity, enabling employees to spend their time wisely, adding value. Focusing on digital alternatives. Professionals can eliminate wasted hours whilst keeping up to date.

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