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Do you have a backlog of documents that need scanning but don’t want to invest heavily into an expensive scanner you will rarely use?

Hiring a document scanner is something worth considering to help your business digitise a backlog of documents without a high cost of actually purchasing a document scanner. We have scanners available for hire that scan in both A4 and A3, colour documents, double sided pages (duplex) and are capable of scanning at a wide range of speeds to suit every customers needs from small business to large corporate mailrooms.

As standard, we offer nationwide scanner hire on a wide range of models to help businesses in need. Our scanner engineers will deliver your scanner to you on a date chosen by you. Assistance with remote set up and installation is available by our technical team. Although a breakdown is rare, during all our rentals the scanner is fully covered, including parts and labour during the entirety of the rental.

Need the scanner longer? Don’t worry, our scanner rentals have no hidden costs, you have the choice of extending with no hidden charges.

Canon DR-7580

Handle the toughest scan tasks with ease, thanks to the Canon DR-7580. Affordable, high performance scanning with a rich range of versatile features. Enabling low and even mid volume production environments to fulfil their most demanding applications – whilst saving time and space

Superior scanning speed:

To substantially increase document scanning speeds, the Canon DR-7580 feature on-board JPEG compression and a CIS (Contact Image Sensor). As a result, you can attain speeds that reach right up to 90 pages per minute. Whether in black and white/ greyscale mode (A4 portrait, 200 dpi). Add to that a maximum 180 images per minute for fast duplexing – and you benefit from unparalleled production productivity.

Outstanding quality:

When high quality document scanning is essential, these models are ideal. They offer a high image output resolution up to 600 x 600 dpi. Advanced text enhancement improves the legibility of fine and light text. You also benefit from wrinkle-free documents, due to a dual light sensor system that prevents wrinkle shades on a document appearing on the scanned image.

A3 and colour advantage:

The Canon DR-7580 scans up to a large A3 size, and also have the ability to handle different paper formats and thicknesses in mixed batches.

Canon DR-5010C

Enhance archiving, document distribution and your business benefits. Intelligent information management gives your company a powerful competitive edge. Discover how you can save, share, store and find key documents easily and on time, with this production scanner. Offering exceptional versatility, unparalleled productivity and complete reliability, it helps make your business unbeatable.

From forms processing to electronic document distribution:

Whatever your needs, the Canon DR-5010C delivers. It offers a vast array of scanning applications to meet every requirement – and that’s just the start. You can distribute your data electronically to your company network via email – saving time and cutting postage costs.

Accepts all documents sizes: A3 down to mini plastic cards:

Your documents come in all sizes and thicknesses, so you need to be sure that they can be accepted for scanning. The DR-5010C handles everything smoothly – from large A3 page down to the smallest cards, plastic, cardboard, thick and even very thin paper poses no problems. The design includes a special straight paper path, as well as the usual U-paper path, to enhance work efficiency.

Flexible and ultra-reliable document feeding:

Canon scanners set the standard for highly reliable paper feeding. The Canon DR-5010C takes this even further with its two paper paths for problem-free handling of all types of media. There’s also a new ‘Rapid Recovery’ system for fast resumption of scanning after any errors. Ultrasonic double feed detection ensures that every page of a big document is scanned – and skew correction adds to overall reliability.

Brother ADS-2100e

The Brother ADS-2100e is a high speed 2-sided desktop, document scanner, for daily business scan requirements. Feature include scan-to searchable PDF for quick referencing and one touch scanning direct to a computer or USB storage device.

Scans documents quickly:

With 25 page per minute (48 images per minute) scan speed through the 50 sheet Automatic Document Feeder (ADF), the ADS-2100e is perfect for small to medium office environments. Scan and archive documents quickly and easily with scan-to Searchable PDF and a range of bundled software.

Multipage detection:

The multipage detection feature identifies paper feed errors; helping to preserve original documents and maintain clear scanned images, whilst the easy to use touch button panel enables scanning direct to a USB storage device or computer.

Reliable productivity:

Delivering fast, high quality 2-sided scanning, the Brother ADF-2100e offers improved performance and image processing with Kofax compatibility and enhanced scan features. Outstanding image quality with high precision scanning at up to 1,200dpi. Remove unwanted colours to improve readability and document clarity.

Canon DR-6010C

The Canon DR-6010C is big on performance but not in size. Compact, class-leading departmental scanners built for demanding deadlines. From mission-critical processes to productive ad-hoc office use, document scanning has never been better.

Compact yet extremely powerful:

The Canon DR-6010C is one of the smallest scanners in its class but delivers exceptional high-speed scanning performance. The compact dimensions allow it to be placed on the corner of a desk – or wherever best suits your office environment.


An ergonomic design and intuitive features ensure anyone can confidently use the DR-6010C. An easy start guide gives users a step-by-step overview of set-up and ongoing operation. And routine jobs, such as scanning searchable PDFs directly to email, can be executed using the job button to save time.

Versatile document handling:

A huge 100-sheet feed tray and a dual paper path ensure the DR-6010C is able to scan large batches and a variety of document types and sizes.

The default U-turn path comfortably handles business documents such as A4 reports and invoices. A document eject tray enables a secondary straight paper path to be employed, allowing documents such as plastic cards, driving licences and similar media up to 546g/m2 to be scanned for maximum versatility.

Canon DR-G1100

The Canon DR-G1100 has high-volume, high-quality scanning performance for document-intensive applications.

High-speed production scanners:

With a robust document feeder system and operator friendly design, the Canon DR-G1100 are ideal for handling large volumes of different document types, such as in centralised digital mailrooms or specialist scanning bureaus.

Productivity-boosting scanning:

Give your productivity a boost with high-speed scanning up to 260images per minute (A4 landscape) and benefit from a large 500-sheet document feeder, which saves valuable time for users who need to efficiently digitise hard copy files. Thanks to a dedicated chip, there’s no loss of speed even when multiple image processing features are selected – producing more quality scans in less time.

Superior image quality results every time:

Both the Canon DR-G1100 come with an array of Intelligent Image Processing features, including advanced deskew to straighten documents that are fed in at an angle. MultiStream, to create dual image outputs for OCR applications and Character Emphasis to improve legibility for better OCR recognition.

Epson DS-510

The Epson DS-510 is a document scanner, designed for a variety of demanding organisations and sectors, such as government, bank, healthcare and small businesses. With high scanning speeds and fast data processing features, this sheetfed scanner is ideal for easy document workflow. Multiple users can share the DS-510 and benefit from PushScan features using the optional Network Interface Box.

High-speed scanner:

This document scanner features a compact footprint and high speed scanning of up to 26 pages per minute/52 images per minute, even at 200 and 300dpi in colour or monochrome. This, combined with hardware JPEG compression, makes large can jobs faster to process. With the optional Network Interface Unit, the Epson DS-510 is ideal for sharing across office/department networks.

Document workflow:

Epson Document Capture Pro makes it easy to integrate this business scanner into your document management system, speeding up workflow and enabling you to capture, convert and distribute scanned information into your document repositories. In addition, barcode recognition and Zonal OCR will help automate large document processes, such as file naming and folder creation. The DS-510 is easy to integrate thanks to TWAIN, ISIS and WIA driver support.


Epson Scan Software offers a wide range of advanced document imaging features, including multi-document size detection, text enhancement and automatic de-skew to improve efficiency and increase productivity.

To find out more, please contact us or call us on 01785 785 650 to chat to one of our experts.

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