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Canon imageFORMULA DR-X10C

Canon imageFORMULA DR-X10C

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If your business is serious about scanning, there’s an outstanding mid-volume document scanner that delivers high-end performance. Introducing the DR-X10C: bringing you deadline-beating speeds, assured reliability and the highest quality scans time after time.

Optimised for customers who demand exceptional high-speed productivity, superior image quality and dependable feeding performance, this A3 scanner is robust, simple to use and performs quietly


The ultimate in productivity

Whatever the nature of your scanning requirements, the DR-X10C is designed to process them with maximum efficiency. That means the DR-X10C is an A3 scanner capable of 100 pages per minute* – whether scanning black & white, greyscale or colour or scanning at 200dpi or 300dpi. These incredible productivity levels are achievable because the bulk of image processing is carried out by a dedicated chip in the device’s firmware, and independently of your PC.


Image Conscious

When the quality of the image is paramount, the DR-X10C comes into its own. It provides performance at optical resolution of 600dpi with numerous image enhancement capabilities. Furthermore, a High Speed Mode allows 300dpi images to be scanned and upgraded into 400dpi and 600dpi images. And to avoid dust accumulation and image deterioration, the DR-X10C uses an automatic blower, wiper, and shading mechanism to keep the sensor clean and the image quality high.


Renowned Reliability

Operators need to feel comfortable that productivity will be maintained in order for them to focus their time on other things and the DR-X10C delivers in abundance. Providing the highest standards of reliability, the DR-X10C comes equipped with a host of innovative features to ensure optimum feed reliability, outstanding double feed detection and minimal user intervention for the very highest levels of productivity.


Effortless feeding

The paper tray can be configured with 3 different height positions with manual feed and bypass mode and also offset feeding (lockable side guides). This ensures there’s no waiting around for scanning to begin.


Active Separation Torque Control

Batches of documents are rarely the same, with differences in paper texture, thickness and size, which is why the DRX-10C’s feeder has been created to be as nimble as possible. This innovative feature provides the capability to handle a wide range of media by allowing for 5 electronically controlled torque settings. Particular benefits are found when scanning thin fragile documents where you can achieve the necessary separation without the risk of document damage occurring from over aggressive separation. This ensures the best possible levels of document separation and therefore feed reliability.


Instant size and deskew detection

A dedicated image sensor, located inside the scanner, automatically and instantly detects the size and skew angle of the physical document passing through the scanner, ensuring most accurate reliable results and heightened productivity


Ultrasonic double feed detection

Equipped with 3 independently controlled Ultrasonic Sensors, the DR-X10C offers accurate double feed detection and reliability. Additionally the sensors can be setup to trigger either ON or OFF according to a set distance from the leading edge of the scanned page - making scanning documents with sticky notes and/or labels convenient and easy - ensuring maximum productivity


Double feed retry

This unique feature automatically reverses the documents in the feeder when a double feed is detected and tries to re-feed them again. Scanning the occasional envelope is simple too - after detection just accept the image by pressing a button on the control panel and scanning automatically continues - boosting overall productivity.


Staple detection

Canon’s innovative staple detection stops feeding instantly whenever a staple is detected so that no damage occurs to the device or document.


Additional features

For added power and ease of operation, the DR-X10C comes with a suite of additional capabilities. These include auto colour detection, prevent bleed through, moiré reduction, black border removal and punch hole removal. Furthermore, text enhancement features can actually improve the legibility of your scanned documents - for example where characters are affected by deep coloured or patterned backgrounds.


Available accessories

• Pre and Post imprinter - prints up to 32 characters - position is electronically controlled

• Patchcode Decoder (Software)

• Barcode Module III (Software)

• Kofax Hardware VRS Card (available Q3 2008)

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