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Kodak Alaris Scan Station 730EX Plus

Kodak Alaris Scan Station 730EX Plus

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It's not what you put into your scanner, it's what your scanner puts into your business.

Get more valuable information into your business systems faster by capturing your information at the edge of your processes. Kodak Scan Station 730EX Plus Scanners deliver powerful features and integrations for streamlined customisation, and scanning by more people in more places. Turn business-critical data into decisions quickly and seamlessly with simple network setup and robust remote management.

Set-up, access, and security simplified

An array of safer, smarter features make the Kodak Scan Station 730EX Plus ideal for today's information challenges.

  • Powerful security features - such as administration-level password protection - maintain accessibility for ad-hoc users
  • Easy integration into the Microsoft ecosystem, plus automatic, ongoing installation on their latest security updates
  • Easily port your Windows 10 application to create your own custom scanning kiosk
  • Classify, organise, and search content efficiently with improved file naming
  • Deliver data to applications automatically with built-in barcode reading

Truly user-friendly features

Get fewer mistakes and faster proficiency without the need for a separate PC.

  • Find the functions you need quickly with a bright, easy-to-navigate touchscreen
  • Integrated OCR engine lets users convert documents to text-searchable PDFs and deliver them to a variety of configurable destinations - all with a single touch on the scanner.

Simple remote management

By networking Scan Stations throughout your business, you spend less time visiting devices individually and more time on other tasks.

  • Retain control of available features with administrator managed functionality
  • Configure and maintain all of your scanners from one place

Turn abstract information into dynamic data

The Scan Station 730EX Plus converts the information in your documents into a valuable digital resource.

  • Improve communication by connecting the scanner to your network and pulling data directly into your business processes quickly and easily
  • Effortlessly send digital files to multiple destinations
  • Streamline processes with improved paper handling

Protect your investment

Get the best possible performance from your scanners and software with a full range of service and support contacts available to protect your investment and keep productivity at peak levels. Along with the inital warranty, you can put Alaris knowledge to work for you, helping your Kodak Scan Station 730EX Plus Scanners satisfy your changing business process needs for years to come.

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