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Kodak Alaris ScanMate i1150



Tackle tasks and streamline service


Kodak ScanMate i1150 Scanners are the perfect office mates to help you tackle a wide variety of office processes. Compact, quick, and whisper-quiet, with an intuitive interface and ample intelligence, the ScanMate i1150 is especially wellsuited for face-to-face customer transactions. The ability to scan a mix of paper documents, IDs, and hard cards means you can capture information quickly and efficiently. Integration with other software and systems enables you to scan, extract data, and share information with ease. Kodak ScanMate i1150 Scanners are the ideal choice for desktop scanning in a full range of businesses, including medical office registration desks, bank teller use, state and municipal government offices, and insurance agencies.


Speed interactions

For customer-facing tasks, the transaction mode of the ScanMate i1150 Scanner helps you provide streamlined service.


• Capture the first 10 documents in a stack faster with transaction mode that speeds up 33% before returning to normal speed scanning

• Make customers happy with fast scanning and efficient transactions Intelligence to work smarter and leaner Say “Hello” to your intelligent imaging engines. Kodak ScanMate i1150 Scanners capture and distribute data with minimal user interaction to free up your work life.

• Smart Touch technology lets you perform up to nine different tasks with the push of a button — including creating PDFs, attaching documents to e-mails, organizing them in folders, or sending them to Cloud services

• Instantly view the number of documents scanned or paper ready status via the graphical display panel, providing users with useful information to help avoid or resolve errors

• Apply custom activity names and include color icons on the display panel to make scanning tasks quick and easy to select

• Save time by quickly sending data to the right places and people

• Deliver data to applications automatically with built-in barcode reading Business friendly Quick, quiet, and connected, Kodak ScanMate i1150 Scanners integrate seamlessly into a wide range of environments.

• Works with Windows, MAC, and Linux operating systems

• TWAIN, ISIS and Linux driver compatibility with business applications Performance driven Boost productivity and increase efficiency with features designed to prevent workflow interruptions.

• Alaris Perfect Page technology automatically improves the image quality of scanned documents with more than 30 enhancement functions