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Ricoh fi-7900

Ricoh fi-7900

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Advanced productivity for high-volume scanning

For organisations looking for high-productivity volume scanning, faster speeds alone are not the whole story – overall real-life throughput is the key metric.


The robust fi-7900 production scanner offers reliable, high-speed results and minimises downtime, while our maintenance features allow you to reduce time spent on scheduled servicing.


State of the art document feeding technology handles even mixed batches of paper types, formats, thicknesses, materials, sizes and volumes, boosting the efficiency of your employees and the scanning process by saving time sorting and separating batches.


User-friendly design makes for a more comfortable operating experience and our industry-leading imaging technology produces consistent output quality.


We are passionate about improving performance, whilst maintaining the highest levels of precision. That’s why our scanners are developed and manufactured at the ProDes Centre in Ishikawa, Japan – our hub for innovation and design. To uphold this reputation of reliability and technical excellence, each scanner undergoes exhaustive product testing from highly trained and certified staff.


The Complete Scanning Solution to maximise productivity and boost efficiency


The combination of our market-leading scanner, software and service gives you everything you need to focus more on your business and less on your technology.


Higher real-life throughput


An expected daily duty cycle of up to 120,000 sheets a day gives your business the ability to process data faster to maximise throughput and meet tight deadlines.


Minimising maintenance time


Maintenance can use up valuable production time, so to make it as efficient as possible we have developed some new and improved features. Daily cleaning mode allows users to be sure of correct cleaning of glass surfaces and rollers to give them a longer life. The front of the scanner opens up wide and LED lighting illuminates the inner workings of the scanner, making access to maintain or clean these areas quick and easy.


Robust, reliable engineering 


To prevent breakdowns, fi-7800 & fi7900 scanners have a metal plated paper path meaning no damage from paper friction, unlike resin surfaces. A ball bearing structure balances the load on the shaft, giving the scanner longevity and maximizing productivity.


Ergonomic design


Designed specifically for operator comfort, these scanners feature front-access controls to make the scanning process quick and easy. The scanner can be operated from a seated position, saving time and effort when scanning large volumes of documents.


Industry-leading paper handling


To improve efficiency, the scanner has versatile document feeding options to handle various document types and formats, from mixed batches to different paper types, thicknesses, materials, sizes and volumes. This reduces time spent dividing up large batches. Industry-leading paper protection and handling ensure quality, while the enhanced stacker control slows down paper on exit, stacking all documents neat and tidily.

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