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Ricoh SP-1425

Ricoh SP-1425

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Placing and Accessing the Scanner

In sufficient space is not an issue due to the compact design of the Ricoh SP-1425. This scanner is designed to be used in all kinds of situations, including in places where space is limited.

  • Scannning both sides of a document
    • The ADF, which has a duplex scanning mode function, and the flatbed have been combined into a single compact scanner.
  • Can be placed anywhere
    • The scanner can be used for any purpose in accordance with your business needs, such as scanning documents for clerical work purposes at an office or for identification application purpose at a reception desk.

Scanning Performance

An all-round model providing excellent operability. The scanner with the flatbed and the ADF, which has a stable paper feed function, supports your demands in order to raise business efficiency by meeting your eneds for scanning various documents.

  • Fast scanning speed at a rate of 25ppm/50ipm
    • Fast scanning capability in duplex scanning mode with the ADF, 25ppm/50ipm (A4 portrait, colour, 200/300dpi) has been enabled.
  • Efficiency made possible by combining flatbed and ADF
    • Equipped with an ADF and flatbed, the RicohSP-1425 can scan various documents, from batches of paper to plastic cards and passports.
  • A wide variety of scanning solutions available
    • Combining multiple software to work together with your business system allows you to use these solutions with ease thus improving and making your business more efficient. 
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