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Ricoh ScanSnap iX1400

Ricoh ScanSnap iX1400

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Small scanner, big impact.


Fits into your life, on any desk:

The modern way of working can be full of surprises, and we can all find ourselves working in tight spces and new places. The smart and ultra-compact iX1400 is designed to fit into any office desk or home office setup, helping you stay productive wherever life takes you.

Simple, Pratical and Efficient:

The iX1400's innovative feed path creates a tiny operation operational footprint that makes it our smallest desktop scanner yet. Instant Wi-Fi connectivity and PC-free scanning to cloud services using ScanSnap Cloud are all part of a smarter way to work.

The iX1400 is packed with time-saving features to boost efficiency; with no wait time to warm up, you are ready to go in seconds. Plus the Return Path capability means you can instantly scan individual sheets without even opening the cover. And a 20-sheet feeder and impressive 30 double-sided pages per minute speed let you finish scanning in no time at all.

The intuitive ScanSnap Home software (included) helps you easily convert the papers you have, into the digital files you need. Giving you greater control over you admin so you can focus on what matters most.

There's plenty of personal productivity packed into our most practical scanner yet, ensuring the iX1400 makes paper work for you and your business.

Practical productivity:

Return path scanning:

With ScanSnap you don't need to know IT - just how to press a button. And, with the iX1400, you don't even need to open the cover.

The return path scanning mechanism means you can instantly scan both sides of individual sheets or booklets up to 2mm thick simply by feeding them in and pressing the Scan button

U-turn feed path:

The iX1400 is our most compact desktop scanner. The extremely small operational footprint is thanks to the innovative U-turn path which means there is no rush to move things out of the way to extend a paper tray when you need to scan multiple sheets - saving you time, and space.

Wi-Fi connectivity:

Instant Wi-Fi connectivity and Pc-free scanning let you quickly set the iX1400 up, and scan directly to your preferred cloud services or our mobile app.

Standard, editable output files:

Boost productivity with the iX1400's ability to save your documents in a range of footmats including PDF and searchable PDF, editable MS Word, Excel and PowerPoint files, or JPEG. A practical feature that provides flexibility when working with your digital files.

Boost Efficiency:

Quickly scan multiple sheets:

Being efficient is a top priority in the modern world and the iX1400 delivers. 

An impressive scanning speed of 30 double-sided pages per minute and an automatic Document Feeder that holds up to 20 sheets means you can reliably scan whatever you like in no time at all - quickly getting you back to the more important things in your life. 

Custom file tagging:

With custom file tagging you can add your own tags to scanned document files with minimal fuss - making it easier and faster for you to search for, fine and retrieve them at a later date.

Intuitive ScanSnap Home software:

The intuitive ScanSnap Home software (included) helps quickly and easily convert the papers youhave into the digital files you need, giving yougreater control, and helping you focus on whatmatters most.

From automatic classification according todocument type, image optimisation and final filedistribution, to assisting you to manage and edit scanned data from documents, receipts, business cards, photos, and more, ScanSnap Home takesthe stress out of organising and finding what you need.

User Experience:

Simple setup:

With the iX1400, there are no complex settings or TWAIN protocols to deal with. Easy setup via Wi-Fi or from mobile creates a simple, user-friendly setup experience.

No warm up time:

When you’ve got something to scan you don’t want to be left waiting around wasting time. In addition to the one-touch scanning experience ScanSnap users are used to, the iX1400 doesn’t
need any time to warm up and has a streamlined scanning process that allows you to go from start to scan in just two or three steps.

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