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Brother DS-640

Make scanning, saving and sharing your documents effortless. The small, compact design, makes the Brother DS-640 ideal where space is limited. Whether on a reception desk or when you are out of the office, reducing the amount of paperwork and ensuring document security is always key. A great choice for reception areas, small offices and working on the go.


  • 1-sided A4 scanning up to 15 pages per minute

  • Compact and portable

  • Industry leading software to scan documents, receipts and ID cards

  • Power directly from a USB 3.0 port on PC

Stay organised:

The ability to scan, save and share information effortlessly, makes this model a real asset to anyone that works in the field or where space is premium.

Turning paper documents into digital files ensures your information is easier to find, safer and more convenient to edit and share.

Space saving:

Compact and portable, the DS-640 easily fits into your laptop backpack and enabling you to scan where and when you need. Digitising your documents when you are out of the office is now a simple task.

Mixed media, high:

Designed to scan a wide range of documents including A4 documents, ID cards and receipts, makes the DS-640 a true work companion.

With a built-in dedicated roller system your documents are smoothly fed-through, guaranteeing high-quality digital files are created every time.


Category: Portable

Scanning speed: Up to 15 pages per min

Max. paper size: A4

Colour mode: Colour, Greyscale, B/W

Scanning side: Simplex

Feeder capacity: 1 sheet


Flatbed: No

Connection: USB 3.0

Drivers: TWAIN, ICA (Mac), SANE (Linux)

Compatibility: Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, Mac OS, Linux

Click here, to view/purchase the Brother DS-640.

To find out more, please call us on 01785 785 655 or speak to one of our live chat experts.

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