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Epson WorkForce DS-970

The Epson WorkForce DS-970 is a production-level scanner with easy-to-use advanced processing capabilities for effortless and efficient document management.Create a better business environment with the support of a global leader in document scanning.

When the goal is getting documents to the right place as fast as possible, trust in the Epson WorkForce DS-970 – Epson’s fastest scanner. High performance matched with an endurance with easy-to-use features that put you in control of your documents.


- High-speed scanning: 100-page ADF and 85ppm (170ipm) scanning speed

- Low intervention: Active Separation Roller system to prevent double feeding

- Built-in protection: Ultrasonic and paper protection sensors to detect processing errors

- Optional flatbed scanner: Choose from the conversion kit, or link to DS-5500 (A4) or DS-50000 (A3)

-Optional Network Interface: Enable device sharing in a department. Create pre-defined job profiles

Ultimate performance:

Epson’s fastest A4 document scanner offers a class-leading performance. With a 100-page ADF, 85 pages per minute/170 images per minute scanning speed and continuous scanning with its automatic feed mode, the WorkForce DS-970 gets through large jobs quickly and efficiently. Scroll through pre-defined jobs easily using the intuitive panel and get your documents to the right place in just a few presses of a button. TWIAN, WIA and ISIS drivers are available for enhanced compatibility with document management systems.

Efficient document processing:

Stay in control of the document process with a scanner capable of scanning a wide range of media from 27gsm to 413gsm and a long paper scanning mode up 6096mm. For documents that cannot be scanned via the ADF – three different flatbed solutions are available up to A3 in size. Slow mode decreases document friction by reducing the speed of the rollers, making it easier to capture fragile or damaged documented, without increasing file sizes. The Active Separation Roller System prevent document double feeds, ensuring that every piece of paper gets scanned, and the Double Feed Detection Skip (DFDS) function means you can scan difficult media like envelopes or documents with post-it notes.

Please contact us or call us on 01785 785 655 to get a quote and the best maintenance package price for you.

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