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Introducing our new website!

We are proud to announce that we have now launched our new website!

After weeks of hard work, we are finally ready to show off our website to you! Our homepage now allows for easy navigation through the website. It now shows our bestselling products to allow you to view what our customers are buying and loving. It also highlights the new products that we add to our range, so if you’re looking for a modern, newly released scanner, bookmark our website as this will be perfect for you to keep an eye on!

Whilst you’re looking through our site, searching for a scanner, we encourage you to use our new and improved filter function. Filter through all the specifications you require, such as paper size, price, brand, and scanner speed. In doing so, the results will bring up the perfect scanner scanners which fit your criteria.

Throughout our whole website, we have a blue bar which is our chat function. It allows you to chat to one of our experts, you can ask questions about a specific scanner or even, give them details about what you’re after and they will help to find a scanner which fits your requirements.

Click here, to view and explore our website!

Please contact us or call us on 01785 785 655 to find out more!

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