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greenform® - enabling paperless transactions

greenform® is a product which reduces the amount of paper a business generates, it also eliminates the need to store certain documents in costly offsite storage facilities.

greenform® eliminates the generation of paper files creating an electronic record. Can be tailored to your business requirements and when used in conjunction with greenbox® individual’s identities can be verified.


  • Financial services

  • Healthcare

  • Retail

  • Internal Processes

  • Supply chain

  • Telecommunications

  • Education

  • Government

greenform® is a software solution that allows you to eliminate paper in the office by creating digital forms and automatically importing information to them. This means you can reduce stationary costs and use of costly storage facilities, as well as your carbon footprint. Efficiency within your organisation can be massively improved, thanks to greenform’s® ability to automatically import information into multiple forms, which can be electronically shared with multiple employees.

greenform® can be tailored exactly to your business, by creating custom forms that get you exactly the information that is required, and what can be automatically imported. Use in conjunction with greenbox®, this software can capture the most advanced form of data. ID photographs and digital signatures can be automatically embedded, and fingerprints can be captured for biometric identification, ensuring the security of your transactions and your customer’s information.

  • Eliminate paper forms

  • Automatic data inputs into forms

  • Scans supporting documents (FICA/RICA)

  • Customer verification (ID/Biometric)

  • Fraud prevention

  • Biometric user control

  • Operates in conjunction with greenbox®

  • Captures digital signatures

  • Captures ID photographs

  • Output PDF file replaces paper file

greenform® is a product which enables paperless transaction, therefore reduces the amount of paper a business generates it also eliminates the need to store certain documents in costly offsite storage facilities. Eliminate the generation of paper files creating an electronic record, can be tailored to your business requirements.

greenform® monitors users logon by biometric fingerprint, creating an audit trail of user’s activity which reduces internal fraudulent transactions. It allows you to create a business rule defined form for each customer driven transaction. greenform® verifies an individual’s identity number by interrogating either your own database, or an external commercially available database.


  • Enables paperless transactions

  • Customer form creation

  • Storage and reporting of critical data

  • Reduces your carbon footprint dramatically

  • Reduces stationary & printing costs

  • Electronic records available in real-time

  • Transaction time reduced dramatically

  • Eliminates the management, transport, and storage of paper records

  • No photocopying required

  • Replaces a paper file with a digital record.

greenform® imports all relevant data on the individual according to your business rules for that specific transaction and allows the user to update or expand the individual’s data for that specific transaction. Scans and attaches to the transaction supporting documents, as required by certain acts (FICA/RICA) as defined by your business rules for that transaction.

greenform® embeds an ID photograph of the customer, and their digital signature into the form and terms and conditions. Will submit a PDF file of the transaction to your electronic document management system and to the customer immediately after transaction is complete. This PDF is a closed file and cannot be altered. This data required by the business process can be exported to LOB system. greenform® can also capture customer fingerprints for biometric verification, providing secure customer transactions in the future.

To find out more, please contact us or call us on 01785 785 650 to chat to one of our experts.

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